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One on One Private Piano Tuition

  • Do you want to learn how to play the piano?
  • Want to work with a teacher specialising in adult learning?
  • Looking for a relaxed, creative and encouraging lesson experience?

Whether you want to learn classical masterworks or popular tunes, here at Piano Ecademy, I teach according to a flexible,  creative and well-developed skill curriculum so you can become a competent, confident pianist.

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Hi, I'm Barbara and I specialise in teaching adults just like you how to play the piano with confidence and ease.
Once you get started with your lessons, you'll love discovering how creative and musical you really are. 
And all while learning from your living room too. How good is that!

Do you want to become that confident and competent pianist that you’ve always wanted to be? 

Then why not go ahead and book a Meet and Greet with me?
It is completely free, no strings attached! 
So really you have nothing to lose except the chance to discover a wonderful modern way to learn.

Barbara has been tutoring me in piano for over two years now.

I learned about her through an online search in which I originally was seeking a local teacher for in-person instruction. In the event, Barbara's Zoom-based instruction has proven to be ideal for me, due both to her warm and encouraging personality and her adept application of meeting technology and the BetterPractice app to instruction and student practice.


She combines the expertise of a fully classically trained musician with a natural aptude for teaching which she clearly enjoys. Her tutoring approach is not one-size-fits-all, but tailored to each student's interests and abilities as fully as possible.

I feel fortunate to have met Barbara, and look forward to working with her for years to come.

Lee H. // California, USA

Barbara is just the best teacher.

She is engaging, patient, good with explanations and has a great sense of humour.

My lessons are absolutely tailored to suit my learning style and pace which has made the whole experience enjoyable and not stressful at all.

The use of Zoom works really well and along with the app for practice provides a very satisfactory learning environment without needing to leave the house.

I highly recommend using Piano Ecademy to start or continue your piano journey. 

Sheila K. // South Australia, AU

As a teacher, I'm a proud member of:
TopMusic Certified

Why choose Piano Ecademy to learn to play the piano?

  • Weekly private lessons via Zoom or 1:1 Video Lessons - your choice!
  • Face to face & one-on-one
  • Learn from home via your laptop or tablet
  • Carefully planned curriculum ensures quality music education
  • Lessons are tailored to your interests and level
  • Online performance opportunities offered twice per year (but only if you want to!)

Are you ready to give this a try?

I used to be a skeptic when it came to online piano lessons.

But as I was looking for information about choosing the right piano, I stumbled across Piano Ecademy. And something compelled me to take lessons with Barbara! As it turns out, it’s one of my best decisions.

Pros of online lessons: No more commuting or getting stuck in traffic, which frees up time. In the past, I could only squeeze in 7 or 8 hours of lessons per year, which is equivalent to 2 months of weekly classes!

Outstanding quality of Barbara’s teaching: The lessons are extremely well-prepared, with a balanced focus on technique, theory, musicianship, and last but certainly not least, musical enjoyment!

I always look forward to my next lesson. Each new piece starts with a thorough analysis of its structure, making it easy to digest.

After each lesson, I get a clear-cut picture of what and how to practice, which makes practice very efficient and surprisingly enjoyable.

When I struggle with a technical difficulty, Barbara’s diagnosis is always spot on, and I walk away with a practical solution.

Taking part in bi-yearly recitals has helped me work on my performing skills, as I used to have trouble performing a piece from start to finish!

In case you didn’t guess, I wholeheartedly recommend lessons with Barbara.

Agathe D. // Netherlands

How to set up for adult piano lessons online 

Setting up for online lessons is actually remarkably easy and quick! Here are two example set ups, one with a laptop, and another with an iPad. 

You'll love learning with my professional studio set up!

I teach people all over the world from my in-home studio in sunny Perth, Western Australia.

You can expect multiple camera angles, on-screen scores and whiteboard - online piano lessons are conducted professionally and with wonderful results!

Adult Piano Lesson Online

Clear overhead view so you can any demonstrations clearly

Online piano teacher

Sideway view as if I'm right there next to you, playing along!

Live Online Score Sharing

Shared digital scores with annotations so you don't miss out on any important comments!

Software tools make learning online extra visual and fun!

Online Piano lessons = Uncompromised Learning!

I have really enjoyed learning the piano with Barbara as my teacher. She has tailored my lessons to my best learning style (auditory), is patient and encouraging as well as extending me to my full capacity.

Learning online is just as effective as in-person because of the face to face electronic contact and Barbara’s excellent camera and microphone setup. It’s also very convenient.

Susie B. // Victoria, AU

Why not give online lessons a try?

Contact me today and we can set up a free 30-minute trial session.

No-obligation, just a chance for us to meet and for you to get a taste of what online lessons are all about!

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