Questions about cost and studio policy

How much does it cost to take lessons?

What is included in your lesson fees? Are there any hidden costs?

Do I need to have a piano before starting lessons?

Can I take fortnightly lessons rather than weekly?

What other costs are there besides my lesson cost?

What sort of lesson flexibility do you offer?

Questions about taking lessons at Piano Ecademy

I'm busy with work/family/life. How much do I really have to practice?

Are you the right teacher for me? Am I the right student for you?

I'm quite an advanced player, can you be my teacher?

I haven't practised this week because of work/family/life - I'll just cancel my lesson...

I'd like to take exams, can you help? What exam boards do you work with?

Questions about learning to play

How long will it take me to become good at playing the piano?

Can adult still learn to play the piano? I thought you'd have to start early in life to get any good?