YOu too can Play the piano!

Learn to play piano online at Piano Ecademy

 Fun, creative piano lessons for adults

There’s a musical core within you that’s longing to be explored.

Learning piano online at Piano Ecademy will help you discover your unique musicality.
You will love learning to play in a safe, stress-free environment.

About the lessons

Lesson are offered on a live, one-on-one basis. That means you’ll spend an hour each week with your teacher in a private Zoom lesson, where you will learn how to play, how to practise and how to understand music. 

Central to learning how to play the piano at Piano Ecademy is the focus on standard piano repertoire from the Western concert tradition, but of course, jazz, pop and film/game music can and will be included at all levels based on your personal taste. Please read more about Piano Ecademy's teaching philosophy here.

What to expect

Your lesson will focus on learning to play the instrument, so that means:

Piano technique
Exploration of the repertoire
Practice coaching

I’m a strong proponent of reading notation, so learning how to read music will ALWAYS be a part of your lessons.

Your lessons will also include the following to ensure a balanced, wholesome musical curriculum:

Music theory
Ear training
Music Appreciation
Music history (Classical Western history)
Creative Activities to inspire further study such as composition, improvisation, accompanying etc.

Give online lessons a try!

Contact me today and we can set up a free 30-minute trial session.

No-obligation, just a chance for us to meet and for you to get a taste of what online lessons are all about!

Build a life-long skill that will bring you endless joy and personal fulfilment

Learn to play the piano with fluency and a beautiful tone from the comfort of home

Learn to read, write, arrange and improvise to become a wholesome musician