How to set up for online piano lessons

You don't need a huge suite of tools to set up for your online piano lesson.
In fact, most of the required materials you'll already have!

A good quality piano

This can be either an acoustic or a digital piano. If you are buying an electronic piano such as a keyboard, do make sure the keys are properly weighted! Ask me for more info should you get stuck.

A laptop or iPad

You'll need to set up a laptop or iPad next to you. 

A stable internet connection

A good, stable internet connection is important to be able to see me clearly and to transmit your video and audio to me. I recommend a minimum of 10Mbps download AND upload. We will determine video/audio quality in our initial, no-obligation meet&greet.

Online lesson set up is very easy.

Pop your iPad or tablet on an iPad stand (bought from eBay, Amazon, or many other online and offline stores) next to your piano, facing your hand and the keys.


Put a laptop next to your piano on a chair.

Connect to your lesson meeting (if we are using Zoom) or wait for the teacher to call you on Skype.

That's it! Enjoy your lesson! 

Online lesson set up is easy.

Pop your laptop on a chair or your iPad/tablet on an iPad stand (bought from eBay, Amazon, or any other online and offline stores) next to your piano, facing your hands and the keys.

Connect to your online lesson (you will receive a link each week in your lesson reminder).

That's it! Enjoy your lesson! 

Want a PRO set up? Check out my blog posts here and here!

Example set up for online lessons

Online Piano Lessons Student Set up

Teacher Studio Set Up

I teach using a professional studio upright piano (Kawai K300)

A quality microphone delivers optimal sound

Multiple camera angles capture technique demonstrations (including overhead camera)

Ability to stream multiple video cameras at the same time so you can see demonstrations from different angles

Shared iPad Pro screen

Excellent view of your playing through large, 27-inch iMac screen

Why not see for yourself?