Practice Planner Pro

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Plan your practice like a professional using Practice Planner Pro.

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Do you struggle to plan your piano practice logically and consistently? Do you sometimes spend an hour at the piano, only to not remember what you did and what you achieved?

Piano Ecademy’s Practice Planner Pro was designed to help students PREPARE and PLAN for productive, focused practice sessions. Set long-term goals, focus on specific tasks, and set yourself SMART goals each time you practise. ¬†You’ll see your daily practice make a difference over time because you’ll be so much more goal-oriented!

This planner is a 26-page PDF and comes with the following:

  • A “how to” guide
  • Longer-term goal setting
  • Monthly Musicality Challenge plan
  • Weekly practice overview
  • Daily practice worksheet
  • Daily review worksheet
  • Weekly practice tracker

This planner comes with blank work pages you can print as required, or use in a digital notation app. It has easy-to-follow instructions and a clean, modern layout. Your purchase will include both an A4 version and a Letter version, to accommodate different print sizes.